Very happy to be back in the USA, to find these huge roads (in very good condition), all these shops, this country in which we have already spent 3 months but on the other side.

Our first days are quietly spent driving little and doing nothing! How good it is! Yes, hang out at the Walmart and buy a lot of trinkets!

We will be entitled, for the first time, to an arrest by the police! The cause? We’re driving too slowly!

A hell of a lot, but the cop is asking us to drive faster, at least at 100 km/hour! He takes the opportunity to question us (separately).

So we’re back on the road again!!!!!

We are heading for Padre Island, one end of the island is protected, so it will be our first American park on the East Coast.

We come here to enjoy the beach of the Gulf of Mexico (always), the white sand dunes, its different species of birds and for turtle breeding (in April).

We settle in the park campsite, and we find all these big American camper vans, which we hadn’t seen for 3 months! Now no one looks at us strangely anymore!

We are taking a walk on the beach, but there is a strong wind, Dulka will still take advantage of it to take a dip.

We will remain locked in Hervé so strong is the wind, we even fear a hurricane.

The next morning, still a lot of wind, we worry but the weather eventually improves.

We’re leaving, and we’re going to the city to do laundry, and so on.

The town across the street is Corpus Christi, so we’re going for a walk.

Strolling along the water, frankly nothing to do with it.

But we will have a beautiful solar halo.

Some of you must be wondering “what is it?”, a few months ago, we didn’t know either, we weren’t even paying attention.

But since our meeting with Pierre, we have known the subject.

Pierre is passionate about it and has often told us about it.

They are funny perfect circles that form around the sun, or the moon (lunar halo), normal phenomena or not, that’s the question?!

In Mexico, we had seen a beautiful lunar halo, and here in Corpus Christi, a solar halo, which we show you……

We then reach the big city of Houston.

4th largest city in the United States, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen so much and we haven’t been in such traffic.

The city is very large, so you can’t see everything at once, so we start in the Downtown, the city centre.

This one is essentially composed of buildings. We’ll ride our bikes there, it’s very pleasant. We’ll make two stops in dog parks for Dulka.

And yes, after the children’s parks, here in all the big cities (Canada and USA), we find very beautiful parks where dogs can have fun, safely of course!

We find that Houston looks similar to Chicago, although Chicago is our “number one” of the big building cities we visited!We really enjoyed this walk.

After visiting Downtown the next day, we go to Chinatown.

Very disappointing, there is nothing of a Chinatown, we took the “bellaire” street which crosses shops with Chinese writings it is true but nothing more, it is really not worth the detour.

We then went to the other part of Houston: “Uptown”.

The neighborhood is nice, we’ve been walking around, but the main attraction here is: The Galleria.

It’s the largest shopping mall in Texas and the fourth largest in the country! Just that! In the centre, there is even an ice rink.

We will spend a lot of time shopping there (Maureen will be tempted, a little bit).

We’ll eat at a Chinese fast food restaurant.

We stroll all day in this labyrinth of shops of all kinds.

A good day shopping/showcase shopping!